Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work today - CPA stuff with migraine

Got a lot of work done today - a lot of tax stuff - mostly international FBAR questions and answers and FAS109 review for a client for which I came up with more questions than answers - that's the way it works mostly. Oddly, or coincidentally, I had just read the other day about an issue with FAS109 and CSV of officer's life insurance and then I offer to review this FAS109 calc for someone - a client I've never worked on and they have the issue. Funny how life gives you those moments so that you can be better at your job. Always learning - that's why I love my career.

Great distraction from the migraine when you get really involved in an issue that's technical and you have to research and think it through. Same with the FBARs with all the hubbub right now with the IRS having teleconferences where they change the rules in the middle of the game and you are consulting with people on how to deal with what's what.

My head hurt a lot today and more now that I have stopped working. I get migraines from let down of stress. Another trigger. But I am proud of the work I did and now will deal with my head - calming it back down. Tomorrow I get my migraine massage!

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