Sunday, June 21, 2009

Migraine is bad today - missed my father-in-law's lunch. Going to take a shot of toradol, do some meditation and yoga and listen to music. Don't know why today, weather's okay and my diets fine. My brain is just wired wrong. At least I'm smart - maybe the two go hand in hand. If your an overthinker like me and heredity gave you that it may also have given you the pain along with it. Good with the bad. This Too Shall Pass.
Called my mom this morning to wish her happy father's day since she did the raising of us kids as a mom and a dad.
Part of my meditation is not fighting the pain but just letting it flow through me and flow with it. Need my medication to help me get to that point of being able to meditate. Right now, I think the movie Pi where the guy with the outrageous migraines took a drill to his head sounds about right, but I need to not think down that path and try to relax and flow with it.

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