Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am trying every method - regular and alternative medicine - to deal with my migraines. I have a great team behind me now not one of which is willing to give up on me and I don't know what I would do without them. I have my neurologist, general practicioner, sleep doctor, therapist, accupuncurist and massage therapist. Everyone communicates with each other and everyone's goal is the same - help me with my pain. I take medications, hormone (synthroid because I'm HypoThyroid), vitamins and herbs, rice sprout, essential oils, meditation and yoga. I need it all on my path.
Then I have my wonderful Husband, Rod, who takes the best care of me. I wouldn't make it without him. It makes me cry to understand how much he loves me and so grateful for how well he takes care of me.
I have my job, I'm the primary bread winner in the family, as a tax CPA which is very difficult and stressful, but takes my mind off of things and my new role due to my migraines as being a consultant on international and specialty tax subjects, teaching and working in the national tax office, lets me work from home - my cave - where I can best care for my head. I have nothing to complain about and yet I do - the pain - what would the world be like without it? I'll never know.

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