Saturday, June 20, 2009

I had two things to do today - go to my nieces dance recital and go to my mom's dart tournament. It's raining on and off which is bad for my migraine and I started out this morning not doing too well. I try to be careful now making plans and everyone knows I may have to back out at the last minute. I'm happy to say I made it to Gillian's recital - was good once it started, in the hallway before hand there were lots of perfumes and flowers upsetting my migraine - to the end I did pretty good and then there were swirly backgrounds that got the beast in my head going again. I did not make it to my mom's dart tournament. I needed to go home and rest and take meds. I also use essential oils - see - their MGrain is excellent and relaxes my head some which is good - I hate relying only on meds.

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