Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You Lord, Ya Done Done It Again!

This is a guest post - the guest being my Momma who is going through cancer and Chemotherapy.  She doesn't have really any insurance and we have worried a lot about her dealing with the financial issues and costs while she needs to focus on getting better.  True to form, my Momma - is so positive.  We - her best friend started and then we spread the word - had a first fundraiser to help with her medical bills on June 5th.  It was a fish fry and raffle.  It was awesome.  This was my Momma's post on her website -  after the first chemo treatment and to thank everyone for the fundraiser.  And I adore how she signs off as Nancy the Cancer Ass Kicker!  My Momma so true to form. 

The Title of this Post is a Phrase that my Grandma always used to say when the Lord got us through another battle or just another hardship - Thank You Lord, Ya Done Done it Again!  And will be our Team's hat's at the Kansas City Komen Race For the Cure - which we have done as a family for YEARS.  We have known so many who have survived or not survived breast cancer and Momma always has made us - and we are happy to - give back!  We walk under my Grandma's name as a team as she survived breast cancer although has since passed but we feel her with us everyday.  We also generally every other year do a family fundraiser for a local charity in need - however this year - we had to let that go in favor of Momma.  Momma pushed us to give back to our community as well as to causes.  And to WORK for them.  I wish I felt better.

I wish I could sign off as the Migraine Ass Kicker - but I am feeling like I am in a losing battle.  But NO MATTER - MOMMA is what matters and her first!  So, I have below her post at the website linked and mentioned above after her first chemo treatment because I found it SO inspiring and I hope you will too!


First, I want to say I’m sorry for taking so long to add to this blog. Everything has sort of been happening faster that I can take it all in.
The fundraiser was amazing, but not just because of the money we raised but the great feelings of hope and love that I felt. My nephew came from Wichita… my cousins from Spring hill… my kids and their spouses and their families and friends, so many friends. I know my kids were just as grateful and amazed at the amount of love and turnout that was there. Plus the whole Ribbon Room family too. Carolyn is the most wonderful person in the world and Brad is so supportive. He and John nearly melted cooking all that great food. What a send off to my first Chemo… it’s no wonder things went so well! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Monday, I got the port put in… hurt but not horrible. I now feel like a Borg, ready to be hooked up to receive the stuff that will kill the stuff. Lil Ron and Jane took me and I was the first one of the day. They were supposed to leave the needle in (they didn’t) so I had to have it put in on Tuesday… hurt, but not too bad (this may be a repeatable phrase a lot).
Tuesday, Chemo… this really went well. They load you up with stuff to keep you from getting sick first so I was relaxed and a little high. The actual Chemo did not hurt, just seemed a little odd knowing that you are being filled with poison. Veronica and Jane stayed with me and we snacked and talked and tried to come up with a game plan with all the different agencies we could apply too. Veronica is doing an amazing job calling and working with the agencies and billing people.
Wednesday, plastic surgeon did not have a lot to say as we don’t know how things will work or how much surgery I will need. But she took pictures and said she was ready to do whatever needed to be done. I liked her and am sure she’ll have a plan when she has more information.
So, that brings us to today, Thursday, I worked today and though I’m really tired I think it went well and will help me keep my mind off of other things. I also got a shot Wednesday that will help me make more white blood cells as well as make me feel like I have the flu. I know the flu part worked – let’s hope the white blood cells did too.
I’ve not been sleeping well, but I think that is a lot nerves and medications, but I’m very tired tonite so I hope to sleep better.
Thanks for all the good wishes and love. I so appreciate everyone of you.
This is Nancy the “Cancer Ass Kicker” signing off.

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