Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another guest post - My Momma dealing with Cancer and hair falling out

I couldn't help it - when I read my Momma's post for yesterday and talked to her today about how she shaved her head due to the chemotherapy - it was too powerful.  She states that she had cut her hair short to get ready for the fall out and then when it happened she was upset and did she have the right to be?  And most importantly she expresses such positivity even in the face of such hardship and it is so amazing.  I am awed by her.

As I mentioned in my last post her website for her cancer info is which gives a place for her to vent and for everyone to give her support and updates/schedules for her medical treatment.

So, without further ado - I give  you my Momma via Nancy's updates for June 21, 2011 - cancer a$$ kicker!

Today, the hair doth fall…. I reached up to pull down a bang and the whole thing came out.  Now I knew this was coming but it hit me kind of hard.
I called Carolyn and she said you knew this was coming “you’re not crying are you?” … “No” I lied but I knew she was right…. it’s like when Tom Hanks said “There’s no crying in baseball” … how do I get to say … I cut my hair so I’ll be ready, then say I’m not ready.
It looked like rain outside so I thought I’ll sit out here and have a glass of wine and watch the rain fall… but even the world knows that this is not a problem… the sun came out as if to say “Bitch, quit it” … so today is a great day and tomorrow at 11:15 I’m getting my head shaved.

I remain constantly amazed at my Momma's strength.  I shared with her the spoon theory and website by Christine Miserandino that helped me so much years past when I was introduced to it.  Her main website is 
Anyway, my Momma grabbed on to the idea so amazingly well - seemed like better than I did and she talks now to me about how many spoons she has left before she decides to do something else for the day.
Love and Best Wishes to All as Always

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